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Honest and pragmatic:

With integrity as the link, quality is our life, and meeting customer needs is our responsibility. "Shangzheng Fluid" will create a brilliant tomorrow with you!!

Technology first:

The company always adheres to the principle of scientific and technological innovation as the guide, quality control as the guarantee, and customer satisfaction as the purpose, to provide users with practical and distinctive products and services, continuously improve their strength in market competition, and lay a foundation for continuous and stable development. A solid foundation.

Customer orientation:

Recognizing that creating value for customers is the reason for our existence, and the needs of customers will be the direction of our efforts. At the same time, we will use the eyes of our industry experts to help customers discover value, so as to gain more corporate competitiveness for customers.


Establish an equal and respectful partnership between customers, suppliers, employees, and enterprises; the company advocates unity, mutual respect, honesty, listening, collaboration, and harmony among employees, and advocates the corporate culture of one person having difficulty and everyone helping, and opposing rumors The dark culture of dismantling the platform and small reports; through efforts to create value, customers, suppliers, employees, enterprises, and society share the wealth and social effects that it brings.

quality promise :

1. Strictly follow the requirements of the contract and provide products that meet the design standards and quality;

2. Strictly inspect and control the incoming quality of raw materials;

3. Ensure that the supplied equipment has complete processing technology and complete testing methods, and that the products will never leave the factory with defects;

4. If the equipment defect exceeds the standard stipulated in the contract, the supplier will replace it unconditionally. In the process of installation and trial operation, if the equipment has quality problems, the responsibilities are being distinguished, and everything meets the needs of the project schedule as the criterion;

5. Insuring the supplied equipment during manufacturing, transportation, loading and unloading. In the event of an accident, we will replace the supplied equipment as soon as possible free of charge as required by the demander;

6. If you win the bid, this letter of acceptance will become an integral part of the contract and has the same legal effect as the contract.


1. Provide all technical data and drawings, quality records and quality certification documents according to the contract specifications to the buyer in a timely manner;

2. Go to the site to provide technical services at the time required by the demander, and guide the demander to install according to the supplier's technical data and drawings;

3. Strictly implement the minutes of meetings held by the supplier and the demander or the agreement signed on related issues;

4. According to the contract, hold business training courses on equipment installation, commissioning, use and maintenance technology for the demander;

5. Strengthen pre-sales, in-sales, and after-sales services, and implement "24-hour service", "advanced service", "full process service", and "lifetime service" in the entire process of product manufacturing, installation, commissioning, and overhaul;

6. After receiving the quality problem information from the demand side, reply or dispatch service personnel within 24 hours to arrive at the scene as soon as possible, so that the user is not satisfied with the quality and the service does not stop;

7. Meet the demander's requirements for spare parts at any time;

8. Under any circumstances, we will never create difficulties for the buyer for any reason, and do a good job of cooperation and service;

9. If you win the bid, this letter of commitment will become an integral part of the contract and has the same legal efficiency as the contract.

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